The Mobi-C is an artificial disc for the neck.  The Mobi-C has three parts: two metal plates and a plastic insert in the middle.  The plates are made of a mix of metals commonly used in spine surgery (cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum).  The plates have teeth on the top and bottom that help to hold the plates to the vertebrae.  The teeth are pressed into the bone with no bone cut out, which makes the Mobi-C design and technique bone sparring.

The outside of the plates are sprayed with a coating (hydroxyapatite).  This coating helps the vertebrae to grow and attach to the metal plates for long term stability.  The plastic insert is made from polyethylene.  The insert is flat on the bottom and round on the top.  The insert is flat on the bottom and round on the top.  The insert is made to move as you move your neck.  The Mobi-C comes in many different sizes.  Your doctor will choose the size that best fits your disc.

The top plate moves over the insert.  The insert slides across and twists over the bottom plate.  The muscles and soft tissues in your neck move the vertebrae and the attached Mobi-C plates.  With vertebrae and muscle movement, the Mobi-C is free to twist and slide left-to-right and front-to-back.  This allows the vertebrae above and below the Mobi-C to move.

Restores Disc Height

360 Degree Movement

Minimizes Friction

Maximizes Range of Motion